Learn how to build an online store with wordpress 2021 using the Flatsome theme! Hostinger (save 90%): (use the code SUPER10 for an extra 10% off!) ✅ Flatsome theme link: ✅ Demo website: ✅ Text tutorial: ✅ Demo content: In this video tutorial, we will show you how to create your own professional ecommerce website so you can sell anything you want. Whether you want to make an online store to sell shirts, hats, iphones or photos, you will learn how to integrate woocommerce and the flatsome theme to make a professional ecommerce website using WordPress. Time Stamps for video 0:00 Introduction 14:22 Step 1: Hosting and Domain Hostinger (save 90%): (use the code SUPER10 for an extra 10% off!) 19:43 Step 2a: Install WordPress 22:41 Step 2b: Login/Change Password 23:52 Step 3: Flatsome Theme Flatsome theme link: 25:48 Step 4: Install Theme 29:41 Step 5: Install Plugins 32:49 Step 6: Demo Content Demo content: 34:51 Step 7: Woocommerce Settings 48:23 Step 8: Choose Homepage Template 51:50 Step 9: Theme Settings 56:52 Step 10: Create Logo 1:00:34 Step 11: Colors, Layout Settings 1:08:23 Step 12: Customize Homepage 1:31:11 Step 13: Optin Forms 1:37:38 Step 14: Create Products 1:39:59 Step 15: Single Products 1:48:22 Step 16: Variable Products 1:59:21 Step 17: Save Variables (attributes) 2:03:43 Step 18: Virtual Products 2:07:13 Step 19: Affiliate Products 2:11:03 Step 20: Shop Page Layout 2:18:27 Step 21: Product Categories 2:20:56 Step 22: Blog Posts 2:28:30 Step 23: Add Gallery 2:31:56 Step 24: Add Instagram 2:36:06 Step 25: About Page 2:41:26 Step 26: Contact Page 2:48:47 Step 27: Footer 2:53:59 Step 28: Delete Pages 2:58:43 Step 29: Edit Permalinks 3:00:53 Step 30: FAQ Page 3:04:58 Step 31: Terms and Conditions Page 3:08:23 Step 32: Menus 3:14:14 Step 33: Mega Menu 3:22:15 Step 34: Coupon Codes 3:23:26 Step 35: Test Transaction 3:26:09 CONGRATULATIONS! Step 20: Shop Page Layout This description is not complete so please come back later to see what else we write 🙂 We’ll have a giveaway soon so make sure you like the video and subscribe and leave a comment with the words SWEATERS in it for something special. Okay here is the long description for this video tutorial. In this video, we show you how to use the flatsome theme to create your own ecommerce website. The beginner tutorial covers everything: from getting your hosting and your domain, to installing wordpress to getting the flatsome theme, to building an online store website for free. With the drag and drop builder, you do not need to know any type of coding or programing to create an online store that allows you to sell whatever you want. In this tutorial, we recommend using hostinger for hosting because it is fast and having a fast ecommerce website is probably one of the best things you can do to make sure your visitors have a good user experience while shopping on your online store website. But it doesn’t really matter, just make sure you install wordpress and use the flatsome theme and follow this video and you should be fine. So if you want to create an ecommerce website and want it to look professional, this is the tutorial for you to learn how to use the flatsome theme so you can make an ecommerce website with wordpress. I hope this video is helpful for you and you build an amazing online store! Enjoy! And please make sure to LIKE, COMMENT, and SUBSCRIBE! Connect with me on social media or visit my website? Like my Facebook Page! Follow me on Twitter: or (follow both!) Stay up to date! See what I’m up to at and #ecommerce #wordpress #flatsome


    1. @Blinde Kuh I made it 417 ! very good video instruction… I wish someone would do flatsome ecommerce multivendor using wcfm or even dokan but prefer wcfm

  1. hi sir how are you doing ..I have a problem .the mega menu it doest work in the same way you have there is no dropdown menu

  2. Thank you for this excellent tutorial. Where has token go? i only get the purchase code option to register

  3. thank you for introducing this amazing theme. Do you have any suggestion if I am the website using website with Flatsome theme and now I am going to make any design changes on the on the pages?

  4. Thank you very much for the detailed tutorial for beginners like me. I have completed my online shop!! Wew took me whole day! but thank you very much!

  5. Unable to customize. It will not load. Tried different ways. HELP!!

  6. If you think you’re going to fast, then you are. Yes I think you are. It’s easy to you, but not for people who never heard of Flatsome. However, great videos and knowledge. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Did you ever do a constant contact tutorial for this video? You mention it in video but I don’t see link in description.

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