This is the best software for web design that I use and that I’d like to share with you in this Free Web Design Course so you can learn how to design websites. 馃 FREE Google Fonts Guide 馃憠 https://bit.ly/3xpVdiB

You can get started with other software if that’s what works for you. That being said, I’d like to encourage you to mater the best possible software in order to achieve the best possible results.

This is what I’ve been using for years. Trust me on this one: I’ve tried many different ways to do the same thing to keep what is easy, fast, and efficient to work with.

鉁旓笍 Color Psychology e-Book 馃憠 https://cutt.ly/jDnCPxJ

路 Intro 0:17
路 Softwares you need 1:02
路 Difference between Vector and Bitmap 2:10
路 Illustrator 4:16
路 Photoshop 7:34
路 Putting all together with Adobe Xd 10:34

Alternatives to Photoshop
路 Pixlr: http://pixlr.com
路 Gimp: http://www.gimp.org

Alternatives to Illustrator
路 Apache OpenOffice Draw: http://www.openoffice.org/product/draw.html
路 Inkscape: http://inkscape.org

Alternatives to Adobe Xd
路 InVision: http://invisionapp.com
路 Figma: http://figma.com
路 Sketch: http://sketch.com

An alternative to After Effects
路 Principle: http://principleformac.com

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  1. I’m getting even more interested with web design skill, the way you illustrate it, makes it very interesting and the fact that you paid for it but willing to give it away for free that’s generosity Man

  2. This is really going to help me in the future because I want to be a web designer I just a kid

  3. I use affinity photo and affinity designer. I hate paying subscriptions and affinity is 1 time buy!

  4. what programs in adobe do i need to buy? new to learning about web design

  5. super amazing !! … very comprehensive even its intro to the course but the way u described the difference and similarities of all the software its amazing. I planned to learn web designing and thank GOD that I cam across to your course… 馃檪

  6. It’s interesting and gaining knowledge from you, super cool and yeah…. As I said firstly it’s interesting…….. 鈽衡樅

  7. More often now products are built using Maya or Blender. In that way, they can be positioned an endless amount of times with an endless number of backgrounds and lighting (HDRs etc.) Building a 3D model is time consuming, but once its done, you’re even able to allow clients to view the product in their home, etc. Its extremely powerful.

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